Questions You Need to Think About Before Installing Solar Panel System

It is indeed a major step to buy solar panels for your property. Though there are several things to thinks about before you install solar panels, these things are not only for the technology savvy nowadays since nearly all have ultimately caught up in embracing the innovation. If you are still undecided about whether you should incorporate a solar panel system to your business or home, check out some of the questions you need to ask yourself before beginning to install one. Before doing all of these yourself or schedule a consultation for a professional solar energy installer to assess your current business or home, you must remember these questions: 

Will your roof be able to support solar panels? 

Before going through with the installation of your solar panel, this is probably one of the important things you should consider. Once your roof needs to be repaired or if it is already old and will have to be replaced within the following years, it would be recommended to do those before you push through the installation of a solar panel. Consequently, you will not need to pay for the additional expenses in dismantling the system and then reinstalling it overtime after all these problems have been fixed. In order to determine whether or not your roof needed some fixing, you should have a solar professional to assess your roof. 

Which direction does your roofing slope face? 

Solar panels are similar to sponges. The more light they acquire, the more energy you generate in return. But if your roof is not facing the sun, solar panels will not be able to generate the optimized amount of energy. To maximize the installation of panels, it would be perfect to install them on a roof surface facing south.  

Is your roof the right type and shape? 

Once we talk about roofs, the majority might imagine a basic gable roof that’s formed by 2 sloping sides that converge in a point at the top. This kind of roofing is the most usual roofing type we can observe in modern buildings. But roofs are actually available in all various sizes and shapes such as a dormer, Mansard, hip or pyramid, curved, flat, and etc. These types of the roof also have various degrees of pitch that can impact the exposure of your panel to the sun, which can affect the energy output. 

How efficient is your property? 

On top of assessing your roof’s condition, you must take into consideration your home’s energy efficiency as well. Once you have insufficient insulation, an older HVAC system, or doors and windows that are not sealed properly, it might be more affordable to do energy efficiency improvements to your house before you install solar panels. You can build a small solar by minimizing your energy consumption first and optimize your overall payback. 

If you have decided to install a solar panel on your home after assessing all these questions, never hesitate to contact us for free consultation and quote.  




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