The 5 Different Patio Decor Styles 

Patios come in different decor styles depending on the space you have and also your geographical location. It is easy to style them the way you want to if you know what you want. If you have great patio contractors Richmond they may even help you decide the best decor style for the space you have. You may be leaning more on a particular design but it might not work out for you so that is important to consider. Here are a few patio decor styles you can see and decide if it work for you.  

 Design 1: Shady Look. You can if you have an open patio you can have cloths as covers or shade. This won’t be a permanent fixture though and would only be used when you’ll be using the patio. This is perfect for sunny areas as cloths maybe pretty but won’t work half as good with rain.  

Design 2: Tropical Look. This may more on the theme of the patios. This is still perfect for sunny areas as going for a tropical look in a rainy area would just look sad. You can bring in a pop of color with these style and you can bring warmth in the space. A different kind of relaxation invoked by the tropical vacations.  

Design 3: Natural Look. This one is more on the look that focuses on blending the whole thing with natural colors. It’s main purpose is not to pop but rather an oasis in the background. This is something that is perfect for the people who like the space as it is but want to add a space for themselves.  

Design 4: Swing Style. This is a style where the main focus of the patio is the swing that you can relax in. There should be some chairs if you want but mostly the main focus is in the swing. It doesn’t to pop either if you don’t want to. It can be as inconspicuous as you want but still provide comfort in style.  

Design 5: Quirky and fun Style. This is a look that doesn’t stress on how elegant the space look. This is a style that would have mismatched chairs or cushions. This is something that would open up a space because it isn’t looking immaculate but rather playing on the uniqueness of each piece in the space.  

Decorating a patio is a fun thing to do. If you could also incorporate it while still planning the patio with your contractor that will make the work a lot easier on your side. However, there is no single formula on what the perfect decor style of your patio. If it works for you and makes sense to you then it doesn’t really matter how you want it to look. The important thing is that you can relax and have fun in the afternoon sun in the space outside your home.  

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